Let Us Help You

Let us help you!
The following is good information as to what expect from Waffle Brothers.

Waffle Brothers Mission Statement:

“A charismatic staff engaging customers with unique food in a funky environment.”

700 East 1st Ave., Denver 80203 (1st and Washington)— Store Set-up
Waffle Brothers at 700 East 1st is a Casual Quick Service set up such that when you enter you will order from counter/register before finding your seat. There are full menus at a menu stand as you enter and for ease of order. You will place your order, pay and then find your table.

Our store is 1,450 sq. ft., which includes the small open kitchen and bathrooms. We currently can seat 49 people inside and 14-16 on the patio outside. The space is tight at times but very warm and inviting. The music playing can vary from Talking Head Radio, Bob Dylan, Rock-a-Billy, Blues to 70’s Funk and everything in between.

1707 Lafayette St. Denver, 80218—Uptown— Store Set-up
Waffle Brothers Pub Style at 1707 Lafayette St. in Denver’s Uptown neighborhood is a Casual Quick Service set up such that when you enter you will order from counter/register before finding your seat. There are full menus at menu stands as you enter and for ease of order. You will place your order, pay and then find your table. This location has an expanded menu with Fried Chicken and Waffles, Tenders, Wings as well as Beer and Wine; these items will compliment our already very popular Sweet and Savory Waffles and handcrafted sandwiches.

Our store at 1707 Lafayette is 1,720 sq. ft., which includes the small open kitchen, two bathrooms and seating on 2 levels not including the 55-60 seats on the patio. We can seat 55-60 people inside. We will have music playing most of the time from various artist. There is a TV on the 1st and 2nd floor. During the Spring and Summer months we will have live entertainment on the patio. We hope to create one of the best beer gardens in Denver.

700 East 1st Ave and 1707 Lafayette Denver Locations— Service Style
We will give you a jumbo card (if busy) to place in the card stand on the table so that we can find you. We will bring all your food and drinks to you. In some cases you will get your drip coffee, fountains drinks and cold drinks at the time of order or from the beverage cooler or fountain machine. We will check in on you to make sure everything is okay, as a customer you can ask any Waffle Brothers employee for help with any problem. Drip coffee and fountain drinks have free refills after 1st purchase. Our goal it to try to gather finished plates when appropriate. We will bus your table or if you see fit to load one of the two bus tubs in the store that is fine as well.

Parking at 700 East 1st Ave St., Denver
Currently, the parking situation is very good during the week, and tight on the weekends, with free 2 hour parking.

Parking at 1707 Lafayette St. Denver—Uptown
The parking in Uptown is mostly comprised of free 2 hour parking and some unlimited free parking mixed in, the parking authority is very active and will ticket cars for being in place for over two hours; given we are in a hospital district.

Waffle Brothers does cater for all occasions’ business or personal. Please refer to our website for the catering questionnaire and Happy Customers list on our website. You can email catering@wafflebrothers.com Fax (303)496-0689

We franchise!!! Please email Franchise@wafflebrothers.com for information, or call Don Carpenter (303)562-7133.

Companies we use/support at Waffle Brothers

  • Udi’s Breads and Gluten- Free Bagels
  • Moe’s Bagels
  • Silver Canyon Coffee (Denver and Boulder)
  • Liks Ice Cream
  • 3rd Street Chai
  • Two Leaves (Teas)
  • Outrageous Baking Co.—Gluten Free Flour

Gluten Free Process
We do have a number of gluten-free products: Waffles, bread and bagels. We are very proud to carry Udi’s gluten free bread and bagels.

The gluten-free Waffles are unique to Waffle Brothers. Our process is that we shut down a portion of our kitchen one day a week to make the gluten-free Waffles. We do use a separate bowl, dough hook, and utensils. We currently do not have a separate iron for this process. However, we do burn off (480 degrees) one of our big irons twice and clean twice before we make the gluten-free Waffles. We then freeze the Waffles and keep on hand until an order is placed. When the order is placed we toast (placed on foil) the Waffle before the Waffled is topped or served. We understand that by not using a separate iron to make the Waffles there may be some cross contamination. We have many Waffle Brother fans that have varied cases of Celiac or just eliminating gluten from their diet and have had no problem with our gluten-free Waffles. Our hope is that our 2nd location will have enough space to allow a separate iron for this process. At times during the week we can run out of the gluten-free Waffles given the Waffles are made once a week. You are always welcome to call us ahead of time to make sure we are well stocked.

Vegan Waffle
Our New Vegan Waffle is Dairy Free, Gluten Free, Soy Free and made with Coconut Milk and is made with all-purpose flour and has a good handful of diced Granny Smith apples and Craisins. We are proud of our newest Waffle.