Waffle Brothers Catering at your service.  We perform over 250 catering jobs a year.  We handle Business or Personal jobs any day or time.  We can be very creative and accommodating…try us out!!!!  The following are the options we use as a framework for catering (Below).  We do have Vegan and Gluten Free Options as well as Cold Drinks and Coffee.  There are Taxes and Delivery Fees that apply.  Please click the link or email with any questions or to place a Waffle Brothers Catering order. 

Option 1 $8.99 per person WaffleSyrup, Butter and Whipped Cream2 Toppings of choice 

Option 2 $10.99 per person Waffle Syrup, Butter and Whipped Cream2 Toppings of Choiceincludes Meat and Eggs 

Option 3 $13.99 per person WafflesChicken TendersSyrup, Butter and Whipped Cream3 Toppings of ChoiceCelery and CarrotsHot Buffalo and Ranch 

We have catering available 7 days a week! Please click below to launch our catering checklist:


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