We do have a number of gluten-free products: Waffles, bread, bagels and desserts. We are very proud to carry Udi’s gluten free bread and bagels.

The gluten-free Waffles are unique to Waffle Brothers. Our process is that we shut down a portion of our kitchen one day a week to make the gluten-free Waffles. We do use a separate bowl, dough hook, and utensils. We currently do not have a separate iron for this process. However, we do burn off (480 degrees) one of our big irons twice and clean twice before we make the gluten-free Waffles. We then freeze the Waffles and keep on hand until an order is placed. When the order is placed we toast (placed on foil) the Waffle before it is topped or served. We understand that by not using a separate iron to make the Waffles there may be some cross contamination. We have many Waffle Brother fans that have varied cases of Celiac or just eliminating gluten from their diet and have had no problem with our gluten-free Waffles. Our hope is that our 2nd location will have enough space to allow a separate iron for this process. At times during the week we can run out of the gluten-free Waffles given the Waffles are made once a week. You are always welcome to call us ahead of time to make sure we are well stocked.